Here at FMS we pride ourselves on the facility we have built to provide your child with the best education possible.

The montessori classroom

The Montessori preschool classroom does not separate children by age. Three year olds enter the classroom as the youngest students, needing special guidance and assistance. By the time they are five, in their Kindergarten year, they have gained self-confidence and leadership skills which they practice and hone by taking ever increasing responsibility for their classroom. Working on these skills is an important part of the three year program, and the responsibility and leadership skills the children acquire will help them throughout their lives.


The Toddler Classroom

Our Toddler program, for young children, 19 - 36 months, takes advantage of the toddler’s natural drive to act independently. The environment is prepared to support the child as they acquire the skills to “do it myself.” The classroom is a special place for the young child to begin their steps towards independence and self-reliance. 

The toddlers are granted freedom of movement to explore and manipulate the objects in the environment and given the time they need to accomplish their work. Activities change and evolve as the child grows. The specially prepared Montessori environment allows the toddler to increase fine motor skills, cognitive skills, and develop social emotional skills.

The playground

Our playground was completely renovated during the summer of 2017 by Watershed Construction. Its naturally inspired playscape now features a giant sandbox, turf area, tunnel, several slides, a creek bed, and much more. This new layout provides a place that inspires play and creativity.


the Multi-purpose room

We have a relatively new multi-purpose room that is used for assemblies, indoor play when it is too cold outside, activities that require more space than the classroom, naps, and simply a change of scenery for the children.

The multi-purpose room is a gross motor room to give children the opportunity to learn and grow in many different ways. In here you can find a dramatic play area, climbing wall, manipulatives, an art center, mats for gross-motor movement, and a reading area for the children to find their peace amongst all this activity. 


the peace room

The Peace Room is a wonderful room used for a number of school purposes, such as a place for students to read books, use manipulatives, and do crafts. It is also utilized as a meeting area for teachers and families. Mostly, however, it is meant as a place for anyone who might wish to relax.