Montessori Mingle 2018

Come kick it with us at the Fairbanks Montessori Mingle, our most radical event of the year. Get ready for a totally tubular night of silent auctions, plus all of your favorite songs, games, and food from the 80's and 90's!
We are having a costume contest, so bust out your best 80's or 90's outfit!

July 20th, 2018 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Proceeds from the event will go to help fund our school and get new furniture and Montessori materials for our classrooms. 

Quality preschool and toddler education is a vital component of a healthy community. Parents who have quality care stay in the workforce and participate in the economy, and elementary-ready children realize the most return for tax-funded education. Established in 1965, FMS is a non-profit organization that serves approximately 100 children, ages 19 months-6 years. FMS relies on fundraising to enrich our curriculum with components like high quality music education, an array of interactive Montessori materials, and a child-accessible facility. Our school has a rich history because of the many Fairbanks community members like you who have invested in early childhood education.


Montessori Mingle Tickets

Hello, World!

New Logo!!

Montessori Logo.jpg

We're glad to announce that a new logo has been officially implemented by Fairbanks Montessori School this month. The logo was decided upon by the help of our school’s students, families, and staff.

The new logo features a beautiful water color fox, created by local artist Aisling Meehan. The fox is believed to be a guide and honored for its wisdom. The fox is also a symbol of sharpened mental skills and awareness.

In the Montessori Method each teacher is referred to as a “guide”.  The Guide prepares the classroom (called the prepared environment) filled with lessons to give knowledge to the child. The Guide and prepared environment helps to sharpen the child’s mental skills. The child then gains the wisdom to guide themselves and others; think of older children teaching younger, but also being a “guide” as in a contributing member of the global community.