As an FMS board member, you can accept and/or approve an educational budget that impacts school staffing, improves our facility, professional development, school construction, provides supplies and resources and above all drives a focus on early childhood education. You can help make well-rounded decisions as it relates to assembling, deciphering, and applying policies that are in the best interest of the FMS students. Decisions made while serving as a member of our board helps create a better world one child at a time!

FMS is now accepting applications for new members. 
If this piques your interest, please join us at our next board meeting.

Meetings are held every third Wednesday of the month at 6 pm.

If you would like to contact the board, please email them at

Talk to your Teacher or Ms. Sarah for more information.

Current openings: 

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Heather Dodson

Board President


Samantha Balanos

Vice President


TJ Barry

Board Director