Fairbanks Montessori School, Fairbanks, AK

“The child is both the hope and a promise for mankind.”

-Maria Montessori

Child working

FMS Facility

The Montessori Classroom

The Montessori preschool classroom does not separate children by age. Three year olds enter the classroom as the youngest students, needing special guidance and assistance. By the time they are five, in their Kindergarten year, they have gained self-confidence and leadership skills which they practice and hone by taking ever increasing responsibility for their classroom. Working on these skills is an important part of the third year program, and the skills the children acquire will help them throughout their lives.

The FMS Library

A reference library is available to parents who wish to check out books regarding early childhood issues, the Montessori philosophy, and other topics. We also have a number of children’s books which may be checked out for use at home. This library is located in the Peace Room.  Borrowing books from our library is done on an honor basis. Just sign whatever you take out on the sheet provided.  Appropriate donations to our library are always welcome.

The Peace Room

Our “Peace Room” (just to the left as you come in the front door) is used for a number of school purposes. Mostly, however, it is meant as a place for parents who might wish to read a book to a younger sibling, have a private discussion, or just plain sit and relax. Our library is located here for your convenience as well.

The Gym and Playground

We have a relatively new gym that is used for assemblies, indoor play when it is too cold to play outside, activities that require more space than the classroom, naps, and simply a change of scenery as necessary for the children.

Our playground equipment was purchased in 2007.  We have monkey bars, slides, a sand box with climbing equipment, and plenty of space to run, play tag, go sledding or play water games (depending on the time of year!), and just basically get all the children’s energy out!